I passionately desire to see the gapped bridged between faith and mental health communities. There has been in the past a great deal of misunderstanding coming from both sides. I desire to help the two co-exist and in the end, complement one another in the powerful way I have seen them perform many times over!

In addition to my work bridging the gap with the church and mental health, another area of great passion is unity in the family and speaking to groups of families on that topic. While not the most popular and romantic thoughts a family is a business.. As with any business if that business doesn’t handle their business they go out of business (I was trying to throw another business in there, oh what there we go lol). Research studies for decades have shown that in unity, people excel. With business taking up a lion’s share of our daily lives, it is my goal where invited to help families handle their business and have their home become the place of peace, we all desire it to be!

“Together we can accomplish so much more than we can imagine, and we do so through UNITY”!